REPRIEVE Outreach Toolkit

The REPRIEVE Outreach Toolkit contains information, ideas, and materials you can use to connect with local media, community-based organizations, and potential participants. The materials enclosed are designed to help REPRIEVE Trial sites spread the word about the connection between HIV and heart disease in communities across the U.S. and beyond.

If you have not already done so, please work with your local IRB to obtain any necessary approvals prior to using participant directed materials. You may also reach out to your institution's press office for guidance on public outreach.

Questions? Did you host an event or place a story about REPRIEVE in local media? Reach out and tell us about it at

Key Messages

These key messages on REPRIEVE both clarify basic facts about the study and articulate ideas that will resonate with your audience. Share these messages with trial site spokespeople before media interviews and with event leaders who will engage members of the public. These pages can serve as a helpful guide for discussions on REPRIEVE.

Fact Sheet

This sheet articulates essential facts about the REPRIEVE trial. You can share this document with members of the media, trial site spokespeople, and members of the public.

Media Pitch Template for Print, Radio and TV

A story about REPRIEVE in a local news outlet can go a long way to reaching potential participants and growing enrollment at your site. Consider reaching out to your institution’s press office to ask for help in preparing a “pitch” to local media.

Press Release Template

Press releases may be issued to local media to communicate essential public details about REPRIEVE. The goal is to pique reporters’ interest and secure a story in a community newspaper, on a news radio station, or on local television. Press releases can be attached to a message sent directly to a specific reporter or producer and/or published online. Reporters may contact you for an interview with an investigator and/or participant to add a human element to their story.

Participating in Community Events

By participating in local events in your community, you create awareness of and interest in cardiovascular health, HIV, and the REPRIEVE Trial. Tabling at events such as AIDS walks; health fairs; conferences on infectious disease, HIV, cardiovascular health and health care; and the like is an excellent way to stimulate enrollment and educate people living with HIV about their increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Participating in local events can seem daunting, but with a little planning, it’s easy! The REPRIEVE Clinical Coordinating Center and other sites who have participated in events can attest to the fact that it is well worth the effort. The REPRIEVE Clinical Coordinating Center is also available to assist and provide resources to make the process easier.

Social Media

Using social media can be a low-effort, high-impact strategy to connect with care providers, influencers and potential participants. NIH and the REPRIEVE Coordinating Clinical Center have already reached out to national and international advocacy groups to encourage them to post about REPRIEVE, but you can help spread the word further by reaching out to community-based organizations that are on social media.

Social Media Pitch Template
Social Media Messages (Español)

Social Media Messages (English)

Print & Digital Assets

The REPRIEVE Clinical Coordinating Center developed these materials to help spread the word about REPRIEVE.

Download and print them for distribution at your facility, in community spaces, or at local events. You can also feature these digital files on your site’s website, blog, or social media.

Questions? Interested in customization? Please contact Katie Fitch at or Emma Kileel at

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