REPRIEVE Participants are highly motivated individuals forming the future of heart disease prevention in HIV.

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Marcus Conway

Participant, College Park, Maryland, USA

The best thing about participating in a clinical trial is learning more about a disease or illness. I believe that my participation in REPRIEVE has helped me to become more knowledgeable about HIV and heart disease prevention. I am hopeful that the results of REPRIEVE show that heart disease events can be prevented with the use of a statin medication.

Ernane Pinho

Participant, Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro

For me, REPRIEVE is important to monitor and control my cholesterol rates, and for the community living with HIV it is another form of care and prevention for good health.

Mousson Gaspard

Participant, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I believe that health is fundamental. I also believe that the REPRIEVE study is very important for me as a person living with HIV who has to take daily antiretroviral medication to keep my viral load undetectable. By participating in the study I feel I am reducing my risks of developing cardiovascular disease.

Ana Cecilia Castellanos

Participant, Lima, Peru

I joined REPRIEVE because I found it interesting to participate in a study where I can help to confirm that a medication may be able to prevent cardiovascular problems. In what ways is REPRIEVE important to you personally and to the community of people living with HIV? I personally consider that REPRIEVE is important because knowledge learned from the study may help us (people living with HIV) to maintain and/or improve our quality of life.

Karina McClanahan

Participant, Dallas, Texas

Doing something that can help me and others in the future is invaluable. Prevention is the keyword to help to improve quality of life and REPRIEVE is investing in preventing vascular sicknesses that can be fatal to many. It is an honor to be part of the REPRIEVE Study.

Carlos Velez-Velazquez

Participant, San Juan, Puerto Rico

I have been participating in clinical research sponsored by the “ACTG” for more than 23 years. At times when there were no alternatives or treatment options to prolong my life and provide quality of life, it was through clinical trials that I found alternatives that have allowed me to prolong my life. The excellence and medical care received through all the years as a participant in clinical research gives me the certainty and conviction of how highly beneficial it is for the community living with HIV /AIDS. In addition to the importance of adherence to medications, there are associated conditions that need to be treated. REPRIEVE, is studying one of these conditions. Participating in REPRIEVE gives me the opportunity to contribute to possibly achieve an adequate tool to prevent heart disease, not only for me, but for the rest of the community.

Angel Luis Hernández

CAB Member and Participant, San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s really, from my point of view, an important study because we’re answering important questions about end organ diseases that occurs with aging and in­flammation associated with HIV and ART.

Participant at Thai Red Cross CRS

Bangkok, Thailand

Before joining this study, I only focused on my HIV infection. Since joining this study, I am more concerned about my overall health. Being in this study, I like receiving health information through the REPRIEVE website and newsletter. It has given me more opportunities to access health information.

Pongpen Wannawet

Participant, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is a very interesting study and I think the study will be helpful in providing care to patients and other infected people in the future. If the result of the study is good, it can be used to prevent other patients from Cardiovascular disease. From joining this study, I expected to obtain diagnosis and being monitored for Cardiovascular disease during the study which I had never been tested or known about this disease at all. We don’t have to wait until having the disease and get treated after all. I think prevention is better than treatment.

Agnaldo da Silva Santos

Participant, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

REPRIEVE participation is important, not only to me but to other partici¬pants, because it helps the science to discover new ways to improve our life quality.

Shirley Selvage

CAB Member and Participant, Alabaster, Alabama

My purpose for serving on REPRIEVE CAB is to bring awareness, research, prevention and education about statin drugs that could help reduce heart disease in those living with HIV.

Wes Taylor

Participant, Greensboro, North Carolina

I feel blessed to have the medications we do today and feel like we have that medicine because of past research. I want to give back and contribute to future research. Taking one pill a day because of the research studies before and the people that were willing to participate made all the difference in the world for my life and my uncle’s life.

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