How can people with HIV (PWH) protect their heart health?

People with HIV (PWH) have a higher risk of heart disease compared to people without HIV. REPRIEVE, which stands for The Randomized Trial to Prevent Vascular Events in HIV, is the first large-scale randomized clinical research trial to test a strategy for heart disease prevention in this population. Specifically, REPRIEVE tested whether a daily dose of a statin (pitavastatin calcium) reduced major heart disease events such as heart attacks and strokes among a globally representative population of PWH. REPRIEVE was stopped early, after about 5 years of follow-up, after revealing that pitavastatin (vs. placebo) was effective. Taking pitavastatin reduced major heart disease events by 36% and reduced major heart disease events or death from any cause by 23% compared to placebo.

The REPRIEVE Team has created a number of educational resources including a graphical abstract, participant guidance for statin use after REPRIEVE, a plain language summary of the primary REPRIEVE publication, and more. Click below to access these resources!

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Graphical abstract

REPRIEVE Graphical Abstract

What was the purpose of the REPRIEVE Trial? Who participated in the trial, and what medication was tested? What were the results of the trial? These questions and more are answered in this graphical abstract which summarizes the main points of the trial and its findings! 

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Guidelines for Statin Therapy in People with HIV

Updates HIV Clinical Guidelines: Adult and Adolescent ARV
The Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines Panel for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Adults and Adolescents with HIV (the Panel) has developed recommendations for the use of statin therapy in people with HIV, in collaboration with representatives from the American College of Cardiology (ACC), the American Heart Association (AHA), and the HIV Medicine Association.

BHIVA rapid guidance on the use of statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV
REPRIEVE, the largest randomised trial undertaken in people living with HIV, demonstrated a significant reduction in major adverse cardiovascular events in participants randomly assigned to pitavastatin 4 mg daily as compared to those receiving placebo. Here we provide rapid guidance on the implications of the REPRIEVE study for clinical practice.
primary manuscript

REPRIEVE Primary Manuscript Plain Language Summary*

The risk of heart disease is higher among people with HIV (PWH) compared to people without HIV, including among younger individuals with low-to-moderate predicted heart disease risk. Researchers do not fully understand why this risk is higher, but they believe it could be related to both traditional heart disease risk factors, like smoking, and to HIV-related factors, like inflammation. Though having HIV has been considered to increase the risk of heart disease, until now there has been no proven treatment to prevent heart disease in PWH.

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general providers_cover

Summary of REPRIEVE Results for General Providers

Are you an investigator or healthcare provider wondering what the results of REPRIEVE might mean for your patients? The REPRIEVE Team has developed guidance for site investigators and clinicians when discussing next steps for care of people with HIV given REPRIEVE's findings.

Summary of REPRIEVE Results
Community forum_snip

REPRIEVE Community Forums

In September 2023, REPRIEVE hosted a series of Community Forums during which the primary findings from REPRIEVE were shared and the meaning of the results for people living with HIV was discussed. These presentations were held in English and Spanish, and links to the presentation slides and recordings are below.

English: Slides (with transcription in slide notes) | Recording
Spanish: Slides | Recording
FAQ webpage


Do you have a question about REPRIEVE or the trial's results? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page!

FAQs Page
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REPRIEVE In the News

The REPRIEVE Trial results have been featured by many news sources such as The New York Times, POZ, The Washington Post, TheBodyPro, and more! Check out our "In the News" page to read more about the REPRIEVE results:

In the News