Kate Starr

Kate is an HIV advocate with an interest in clinical advances related to HIV treatment, as well as public policies related to treatment and support. She is excited to be a Community Scientific Subcommittee representative for the REPRIEVE study, which seeks to answer a crucial question within the HIV community, concerning the increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Kate is also thrilled to be a part of the REPRIEVE study which actively seeks to include underserved populations, such as women, within clinical studies. Read more
What I do to stay heart healthy: I do my best to limit processed foods, such as cookies and chips.

Karl Shaw

Karl has been involved with HIV/AIDS clinical trials and has been a community HIV/AIDS activist since 1993. He was a member of the CCG (Community Constituency Group), now known as the GCAB for several years. When the Henry Ford Health Systems site was de-funded by the ACTG he remained involved with the ACTG and the GCAB and is a member of the CSS as a non-ACTG member. He continued to share the information with his local community and the prior CAB members of Henry Ford Health Systems. Read more