The REPRIEVE Retention Toolkit was developed based on data and ideas provided by over 50 REPRIEVE sites, domestic and international. Retention is a vital aspect of the REPRIEVE Trial; the toolkit was designed to help REPRIEVE sites maintain participant engagement in the trial over the follow-up years. The Retention Toolkit contains information, ideas, and materials you can use in your efforts to connect with and retain participants at your site. Thank you to the REPRIEVE Sites who took part in the REPRIEVE Retention Champion Initiative and shared retention practices that contributed to the development of the Retention Toolkit, we could not have developed this toolkit without your knowledge and expertise.

Click here to download the entire Retention Toolkit or click on headers below to download content from a specific section. Please work with your local IRB to obtain any necessary approvals prior to using participant directed materials.

If you have questions about any of the material or would like to share retention practices from your site, please contact Marissa Diggs at

REPRIEVE Tokens of Appreciation

Sites identified ‘Providing Tokens of Appreciation’ as a potential strategy to help retain participants in REPRIEVE. The REPRIEVE CCC has developed tokens of appreciation for sites to hand out to their participants at their discretion. To request tokens for your site, please contact Marissa Diggs at

On-Site Strategies to Promote Retention in REPRIEVE

Click on the 'download' button to view a listing on strategies REPRIEVE sites are using to promote retention in the trial! We strongly encourage REPRIEVE sites to consider implementing some of these simple on-site practices if you are not doing so already.

REPRIEVE Key Messages

These key messages on REPRIEVE both clarify basic facts about the study and articulate ideas that will resonate with your audience. Share these messages with trial site spokespeople before media interviews and with event leaders who will engage with members of the public. These talking points can serve as a helpful guide for discussions on REPRIEVE. Reminding participants about the importance of the trial and research being conducted is a good way to keep them engaged in the study. Additional messages about REPRIEVE can be found on the Protocol Specific Webpage (PSWP).

Social Media Tools & Tips

Social media is an easy, cost-effective way to stay engaged with your participants. You can keep them updated on not only REPRIEVE but events happening at or around your clinic! You can also share HIV-related facts and how REPRIEVE is addressing the problem. This section will give you some ideas on messages you can share about REPRIEVE!

HIV Awareness Days & Community Events

Stay engaged with REPRIEVE participants by participating in local community HIV/AIDS awareness events and recognizing HIV/AIDS Awareness Days in your clinic and/or on your social media platforms. Click for a full listing of HIV/AIDS Awareness Days!

REPRIEVE Website Resources

The REPRIEVE website got a new look! The website has been redesigned to focus more on participant retention. Sites are encouraged to direct participants to the REPRIEVE website to stay up-to-date on trial news, read informative blogs and REPRIEVE participant newsletters.